Specialized Solvent Cleaner

General Description

SPEC SOL2950 is a combination of aromatic solvents and natural organic oils specially blended to be used in degreasing and chemical cleaning processes. SPEC SOL2950 can be used as an organic dispersant, heavy oil, grease, and condensate solvating agent. SPEC SOL2950 contains asphaltine inhibitors to help prevent the redeposit of asphalt contamination to cleaned surfaces. SPEC SOL2950 is effective wherever tenacious oils, tars, or greases pose a problem for conventionally formulated cleaning compounds. SPEC SOL2950 will not emulsify in water solutions unless surfactants or detergents are present. SPEC SOL2950 can be formulated with aliphatic solvents (diesel, kerosene, etc.) to increase those solvents ability to dissolve paraffins and hardened oily residues.


SPEC SOL2950 is excellent as a pipe thread cleaner, valve cleaner, for drip pans, for use as a degreaser in closed circulation systems or as a bulk degreaser in cleaning process vessels. Extreme care should be used when handling this material to avoid contact with flame or welding arcs. Proper engineering controls must be used when using this product.

Physical Properties

Color Clear
Odor Solvent
Specific Gravity .086 - 0.89
Flash Point > 100° F
Boiling Point > 300° F


SPEC SOL2950 is available in UN approved 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and bulk quantities.


Observe warning label on containers. Normal precautions for industrial chemicals apply.

aka: TEKSOL, SPECSOL2950, SOL2950, SOL-2950
uses include: cleaning

pdf SPEC SOL 2950 SDS (217 KB)